Wolfgang Uhl
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German TV-Station ARD, Sequel "Countries-People-Aventures" ("Länder-Menschen-Abenteuer", LMA):

Wolfgang Uhl plans and organizes LMA-productions for the German TV station ARD, were he mostly realizes his own ideas. But he also makes ideas of authors and editors come to life.

On a first expedition he evaluates the potentiel for content and technical possibilities on location. Weeks, or sometimes even month later the actual filming will take place.

Each LMA-production is created for local German public TV stations. The different films will be exchanged between stations, so every feature will be shown between 10 to 15 times over a period of several years, which is an interesting aspect for sponcers.

List of ARD-Documentaries:

Wedda, die Ureinwohner Sri Lankas
Eine Reise in die Steinzeit (Sri Lanka, 1993/94)
(natives of Sri Lanka, a journey into stone age)
Batak, vergessene Jäger auf Palawan
Expedition in den philippinischen Dschungel (Philippine, 1994)
(the forgotten hunter of Palawan, an expedition into the Phillipin jungle)
Königreich im Himalaja (Bhutan, 1995)
(Bhutan, a kingdom in the Himalian Mountains)
Jahrhunderte zwischen Nachbarn
Zwei Naturvölker in Äthiopien (Ethiopia, 1995/96)
(centuries between neighbours - two tribes in Ethopia)
In den Pfahlbauten der Mentawaier (1996)
(rain tatoos - the pile dwellings of the Mentawians)
Der Gipfel der Lamas
Puna, Peru auf 4200 Meter (Peru, 1997)
(the peak of the llamas - Peru 4200 m above sea level)
Die Nomaden der Mongolei (Mongolia, 1997)
(steppenwind - nomads in Mongolia)
Von den Teufelsinseln nach Surinam
(Surinam, 1998/99)
(from Devils Island to Surinam)
Salama na Umoja
Die Rendille und Samburu in Kenia (Kenya, 1999)
(the tribes of Rendille and Samburu in Kenya)
Rauch über Alantika
Vergessenen Dörfern Kameruns (Cameroon, 2000)
(smoke over Atlantica - the forgotten villages of Camerun)
Im Schatten der Pagoden
Myanmar (Myanmar, 2000)
(in the shadows of the pagodas)
Die Angst der Waldmenschen
Bei den Pygmäen in Westafrika (West Africa, 2001/02)
(the fears of the forest people - visiting the pygmies in Western Africa)
Die Moúsgoúm und M´Bororo in Zentralafrika 2003/2004
Die himmlischen Reisterrassen von China (arte)
Bei den Haui in Yunnan 2005/2006
Tengger - das Volk des Feuergottes auf Java (arte)

Movie and TV Productions:

Separatly or in conjunction with an excursion or expedition, Wolfgang Uhl also realizes customized productions.

That is how the idea was born to plan and produce the instructional film on tents for VAUDE in the spring of 2003. The project location was the Indian/Pakistanian desert of Thar, Wolfgang Uhl the director.

Thanks to the cooperation with Hauser TV, Mühlheim and the TV journalist Peter Weinert it is possible to produce anything from a company potrait to PR features and product documentations in exciting remote locations.