Wolfgang Uhl
Sigmundsgraben 2 95028 Hof
Phone.: 0 92 81 / 33 34
Fax: 0 92 81 / 33 41
Where the world is still wild...
Wolfgang Uhl – Expeditions

"There is simply no better job description for the journalist Wolfgang Uhl than "adventurer". He is drawn to places where the world is still wild: To primitive tribes in remote, untouched corners of our world, at times even to politically explosive areas. If you are lucky you might cross his path in Bhutan or Nepal, in African, South American or Asian rainforests, in deserts, grasslands and even at a river bank. Wolfgang Uhl is an all-around talent in the wilderness.

He became well known through the production of more than a dozen TV documentaries, and is author of several books. For the most part he realizes his own film ideas, but he also carries out special assignments. He directed the latest VAUDE tent instructional film "Modern Nomads" in the desert of Thar.
In 1980, he founded his outdoor shop, which was among the first in Germany. Over the years it grew into the 300sqm adventure shop "Wilderness"..."

(Silvia Schmid, VAUDE, Tettnang)