Wolfgang Uhl
Sigmundsgraben 2 95028 Hof
Phone.: 0 92 81 / 33 34
Fax: 0 92 81 / 33 41
Customized Expeditions:

Wolfgang Uhl assists in the research and organisation of excursions and expeditions for the media, travel companies, institutes or universities. He explores the infrastructure and political and logistic situation in the specific countries. Also he helps to prepare ethological studies for universities.

Photo Reports:

Wolgang Uhl also prepares for photo shootings in Africa, Asia and South America. Any project combination is possible: a customized expedition goes hand in hand with a film project and at the same time product testings will take place.

Test Reports and Product Development:

For many years now Wolfgang Uhl is testing products from outdoor and sports suppliers , like the equipment from VAUDE, water filter system from KATADAYN, tools and knives from HERBERTZ or aluminum boxes from ZARGES; just to name a few. Test reports for each product are rendered, which contain experiences, suggestions and photos.

Outdoor – Equipment:

Wolfang Uhl owns a retail store for hiking and outdoor equipment. All the nessesary gear can be purchased directly at „Wilderness Outdoor Equipment“.

In his shop he carries all the name brands of national and international manufacturers.

Citation from the marketing department at VAUDE: "The combination of 25 years of expedition experience and outdoor equipment sales knowledge make him a valuable partner..."

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