Wolfgang Uhl
Sigmundsgraben 2 95028 Hof
Phone.: 0 92 81 / 33 34
Fax: 0 92 81 / 33 41
Between 1983 to 1994, Wolfgang Uhl published numerous articles and books about his the experiences and expeditions.

Published Books:
Handbuch für Rucksackreisen (about backpacking trips),
Pietsch, Stuttgart 1983
Handbuch für die Rucksackküche (about backpack cooking),
Pietsch, Stuttgart 1984
Guia del equipo de excursiòn y aventura
Roca S.A., Barcelona 1985
Schlauchboot extrem (about rafting in asia)
Pietsch, Stuttgart 1985
Die heitere Seite des Überlebens (funny reflections on outdoor survival)
Pietsch, Stuttgart 1986
Im Dschungel (with a Landrover through Central Africa)
Pietsch, Stuttgart 1987
BABINGA (chances for the dwarf people in Africa?)
Pietsch, Stuttgart 1987
Expedition zu den Pygmäen am Kongo (about pygmies at the river Congo) Pietsch, Stuttgart 1988
Kalahari – hautnah (about the Kalahari and !Kung bushmen)
Oertel & Spörer, Reutlingen 1994
Wedda (natives in Sri Lanka)
Oertel & Spörer, Reutlingen 1994
For now Wolfgang Uhl's focal point lies on TV productions and customized expeditions, there are however further publicatons planned for the future.